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Admission in (MBS, M.Ed, BCA, BBS, B.Ed., and B.Ed. Science) is going on. Contact the KSC Admission Office.

Research Management Cell( RMC)

  1. KSC establishes the Research Management Cell to enhance and facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaboration, knowledge transfer and training. Faculty may be involved in one or more of the projects and use the Research Management Cell.
  2. The KSC is committed to developing and maintaining a high-quality Research Management Cell. The Cell provides facilities to researchers to conduct the research.
  3. RMC is responsible to maintain the cell neat and clean, effective, and workable condition.
  4. The cell shall be used by KSC in every session.
  5. The Composition of RMC are as follows:
      4. Research Management Cell ( RMC)
    Sn Name  Designation Remarks
    1 Dr Bhagwan Aryal Chairperson Senior Faculty , KSC
    2 Guru Prasad Poudel Member Chairman- Education Sub committee
    3 Bhim Prasad Sapkota Member Chairman- English Sub committee
    4 Shiv Kumar Timilsina Member Chairman-  Nepali Sub committee
    5 Yubraj Devkota Member HOD ICT and BCA
    6 Bhanu Bhakta Sharma Member Management
    7 Basant Ku Baral M.Secretary Campus Chief