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About Curriculum and Evaluation

Curriculum and Evaluation

Curriculum and Evaluation

 Curriculum and Evaluation


Department of Curriculum and Evaluation (DCE) has a unique identity in KSC. The importance of DCE lies in the very existence of Campus itself as curriculum, in its broadest sense, comprises the live situation of the teaching-learning process. Thus, curriculum signifies the meanings of education in the context of the world of action rather than limiting its activities on planning endeavors since this idea is supported by a root of the word curriculum, that is, ‘currere’ meaning running of the race.

In larger perspectives, the relevance of DCE has been linked to the need for curriculum development and its implementation and evaluation for the betterment of formal education as well as non-formal education system. DCE is always guided by the educational needs of our country

DCE offers a four-semester-based Master’s degree with a specialization in curriculum and evaluation. The department offers the courses to prepare human resources such as curriculum designer, curriculum evaluator, curriculum researcher, test developer, test analyst, and test researcher. These courses equip graduate students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required in the areas of curriculum development and assessment practices. Considering various designs and approaches of curriculum development, we engage our students in preparing an appropriate framework for designing curricula of different levels of education. In addition, the department provides the graduates with required knowledge and skills for constructing, validating and standardizing tests. Furthermore, our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills for pedagogy and evaluation of educational programs.

Course Offered

Students complete two years course cycle divided into four semesters during which they will earn 69 credit hours. Out of 69, 21 credit hours are devoted to the core courses and 48 credit hours to the major courses. Here are the lists of core and major courses:

Course Structure

First Semester (12 Credits)

Ed. 511

Foundations of Education

Ed. 513

Advanced Psychology

Ed. CE 515

Foundations of Curriculum

Ed. CE 516

Programme Evaluation

Ed. CE 517

Psychological Testing

Ed. CE 518

Curriculum Diversity in Education

Second Semester  (12 Credits)

Ed. 521

Curriculum Practice

Ed. 522

Education Development

Ed. CE 525

Curriculum Theory


Ed. CE 526

Test Theory

Ed. CE 527

Test Development

Ed. CE 528

Curriculum Evaluation and Research

Third Semester (12 Credits)

Ed. 531

Measurement and Evaluation

Ed. 532

Research Methodology in Education

Ed. CE 535

Classroom Instruction

Ed. CE 536

Emerging Perspectives in Education

Ed. CE  537

Project on Program and Curriculum

Ed. CE 538

Application of Statistics in Education

Fourth Semester (12 Credits)

Ed. 547

Physical Exercise and Sports in Health Promotion/Health Psychology

Ed. CE 546

Management of Open and Distance Learning

Ed. CE 547

Qualitative Research

Ed. 545

Thesis Writing

Courses and Description

Course Title: Foundations of Curriculum

This course is designed for the students who specialize in curriculum and evaluation. The course is primarily devoted to the foundations of curriculum. It deals with different conceptions, issues and four foundations of curriculum. While developing a curriculum, we depend primarily on ideas that stem from four major fields: philosophy, sociology, psychology and knowledge. An understanding of these fields is crucial to the study of curriculum since they have traditionally been and still are considered its foundations.



 Course Title: Program Evaluation

This course is designed for those students who intend to specialize Curriculum and Evaluation in Master's Degree. The course deals with main concepts, aspects, designs, models and planning of program evaluation. Hence, the course aims to enable students in planning and preparing an evaluation study of an educational program, a curriculum, or an educational project. 

Course Title: Psychological Testing 

This is a specialization course designed for the M. Ed. students who specialize in curriculum and evaluation.  This course deals with various psychological tests. The course also aims to enable the students in designing psychological tests. The students are also required to perform the activities mentioned in the course.

Course Title: Curriculum for Diversity in Education 

This course deals with emerging issues, dimensions and challenges of diversity in education. In addition, vectors of education as key vector of cultural diversity, and approaches to and models of diversity are also the focus of the course. This course aims at developing democratic vision in student towards diversity and helping them explore ways to tackle the issues therein.

Course Title: Curriculum Theory

This is a specialization course in curriculum and evaluation designed for M. Ed. Program.  This course aims to equip students with deeper knowledge and theoretical understanding of curriculum phenomena.  This course deals with theorizing curriculum and theorizing curriculum development, gender and curriculum, postmodernism and curriculum and curriculum in 21st century. 

Course Title: Test Theory

This is a specialization course designed for M. Ed. program. This course aims to equip students with deeper knowledge and understanding of various concepts and process of test development. It covers the issues related to testing along with the concept of classical and modern test theories. This course also covers the practice and use of both classical and modern test theories and acquaints the students about different models of modern test theory. 

Course Title: Test Development 

This is a specialization course of M.Ed. designed for the students specializing in Curriculum and Evaluation.  This is a practical course covering the process of test development. It covers major considerations for developing a test to measure specific traits and standardization process

Course Title: Curriculum Evaluation and Research 

This course is designed for the students of Master of Education specializing in Curriculum and Evaluation. This course aims to develop knowledge on curriculum evaluation and research. There are two parts in this course. The first part deals with models, aspects and forms of curriculum evaluation with evaluation criteria, designs and tools. The second part is about historical background, dimension and trends of curriculum research. This course intends to shape the perspectives of students towards the new trends of curriculum evaluation and research.

Course Title: Classroom Instruction

This course is designed to provide students the conceptual foundations of effective classroom instruction and enabling them with essential pedagogical skills useful to transform classroom instructional practices. This course would enable the students to apply theoretical/conceptual understandings at the classroom level both at creating conducive classroom environment and applying appropriate instructional strategies to maximize students’ learning. In order to craft instructional skills, instructional strategies will be covered in demonstration, practice and feedback modality as far as possible.

Course Title: Emerging Perspectives in Curriculum 

This is an elective course designed for students specializing in ‘Curriculum and Evaluation’. The course aims at exposing to develop the skills of critical analysis. Basically the course will deal the curriculum from child right perspective, peace and nonviolence perspectives, sustainable development perspectives, and diversified or differentiated perspectives. This course requires students to search various resources, critically analyze and prepare notes and presentation rather than depends upon prescribed or established content. 

Course Title: Project on Program and Curriculum Evaluation

This is a practical course which aims at providing students with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in the evaluation of educational programs and curriculum of different levels.  In this course, students will be fully engaged in identifying problems and issues related to educational programs and curriculum and in developing study design and tools as well as in collecting and analyzing data and writing report.  The students will carry out the project work individually.

Course TitleManagement of Open and Distance Learning 

This is an elective course designed for the students specializing in Curriculum and Evaluation.  This course deals with the concepts of open and distance learning (ODL), creating learning materials for ODL, tutoring and supporting students, and assessing the students in ODL.   In this course, students' knowledge in ODL will be enriched through different instructional approaches.  The course aims to enable the students in planning and implementing the ODL programs.

Course Title: Qualitative Research

This course deals with the qualitative research methods. The course aims to enable the students to design and use qualitative research tools in conducting research through qualitative methods.