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KSC Announce Mini Research Grants

Announcement for Mini Grants : Kathmandu Shiksha Campus
Kathmandu Shiksha Campus (KSC) focuses on the diverse range of research projects. It includes research works funded by Research Partners like University Grants Commission,Nepal and others organizations such as: USAID,Deans Office, Tribhuvan University.Beside these, KSC itself encourages its faculties members in several research projects like Mini Research Grants for reference to enrich their professional as well as research skills.
• To develop the capacity to identify, collect, and interpret significant information about important influences on the campus’s future.
• That aspires to acquire and develop dedicated, laborious, qualified and socially renowned faculties for delivering quality education in Nepal and abroad.
• That creates, conveys, and applies knowledge to expand personal growth and opportunity, advance social and community development,foster economic competitiveness .
• Allocation notices, spreadsheets and instructions will be sent to departments from the office of the Campus Chief for Mini- Research. If you have any questions, please contact Campus Chief at yespgupta@gmail.com.
• Awards will be announced by campus upon completion of their award process.
The grant is for KSC faculty members only, good records in research, who will be employed by the Campus in the following academic year, and are in the early stages of their careers.
• Having experiences of teaching in Master level.
The application should contain the following documents as part of the application process:
• Handwritten concept notes (No longer than five pages )
• Document of work not to exceed five double-spaced pages which includes: statement of the problem; significance of the study; and a plan of research.
• Vitas (no more than two pages per faculty member)
Application Submission
Proposals should be submitted to the administration of the Campus. The Campus Chief will then refer all proposals received to a Research Management Cell for evaluation. Announcements of the grants will be made by the Campus upon completion of their award process.Application will reach on or before 2073/05/15 to the administration section of this Campus.
Proposals will be evaluated by a Research Management Cell Headed by Prof Dr Sateesh Kumar Ojha. Among applications of equal merit, preference should be given to those applicants who have not had previous Grants awards from this Campus.The Research in group is highly preferable.
Grants Amount
Within the funds provided, the campus can provide RS 25000 on installment basis. First installment is at the time of agreement and sums 50 percent of the total.The second installment is about 25 percent and will be based on the progress report approved by Research Management Cell of the Campus.And the remaining amount will be paid on or before the final submission and approval of the Cell.Besides, the campus will provide the telephone and transportation expenses upon request as per mutual understanding.
• For Grant competition inquiries specific to campus, contact the Campus Chief’s office.
• For questions regarding receipt of the grant payment, contact the Account office.

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