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Admission in (MBS, M.Ed, BCA, BBS, B.Ed., and B.Ed. Science) is going on. Contact the KSC Admission Office.

Department of Education and Social Studies


The vision of the Department of Education and Social Sciences at Kathmandu Shiksha Campus is to serve the nation by providing access to higher education as the center of excellence for teaching and research in the field of teacher education and educational research. The Department produces highly competent human resources for the transformation and development of education policies, plans, and pedagogies.  More importantly, the Department serves students who come from rural areas and different ethnic and marginalized groups by offering scholarships and other necessary support to pursue their higher degree courses at KSC.


The mission of the Department is to serve the country by preparing trained and competent teachers (to teach at different levels of education) and by producing educational researchers, planners, curriculum designers, and managers. 

The Composition of Department

  Department of  Education and Social Studies
Sn Name Designation Subjects
1 Mr Ohm Prakash Joshi HOD  Health Education
1 Hari Binod Adhikari Member Curriculum
2 Ashik Singh Member Foundation of Education
3 Bhakta Bahadur Shahi Member Psychology
4 Manoj Bhandari Member EdPM
5 Prakash Nauraila Member EdPM
6 Prem  Singh Shrestha Member EdPM
7 Raj Ku Mandal Member Education
8 Rajendra Pokheral Member EdPM
9 Sharda Pokheral Member Education
10 Gagan  Singh Ayer Member English
11 Bhim Sapkota Member English
12 Guru Prasad Poudel Member English
13 Koshan Pant Member English
14 Sanju Acharya Member English
15 Sharda Shrestha Member English
16 Shrawan Kumar Mandal Member English
17 Bishnu Kumar Adhikari Member Health Education
18 Basanta Kumar Baral Member Health Education
19 Dr. Bhagwan Aryal Member Health Education
20 Dr. Shiva Raj Bhatta Member Health Education