Special Message

Admission in (MBS, M.Ed, BCA, BBS, B.Ed., and B.Ed. Science) is going on. Contact the KSC Admission Office.






To enhance the academic quality of the Campus




  • To conduct the academic program accordance to the need and demand of the western part of the Kathmandu
  • To increase the professional capacity of the faculty and staffs
  • To provide quality education for both the undergraduate and graduate levels of the students.
  • To produce trained educational human resource for the school/collage and other educational institutions, according to the need and demand of the country.
  • To develop and pursue higher standards throughout the academic programs.

 Goal 2

To attract the poor, disadvantage group, minority, financial weak students of the society as well as the sound academic and well deserving students.

  • To enroll the capable and goal oriented students
  • To enroll the Dalit, janajati, Madhesi, Women and educationally backward community
  • To increase the passout rate of the students in all the programs
  • To enhance the research based education
  • To foster the physical infrastructure of the Campus


Develop KSC as a center of Academic excellence

  • To develop an institutional culture within the campus premises to create sound academic atmosphere.
  • To create new programs and services to meet the identified needs of the young generation
  • To establish KSC as an educational hub in the Kathmandu Valley by offering quality education in the affordable cost
  • KSC aims at offering the general, technical and market oriented academic programs in the affordable cost to the needy and the deserving students.

 Goal 4

ICT based learning Organizations


 Goal 5

Link academic activities with teaching, learning and Research activities


To provide quality and access in the higher education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

To offer services that assist students in achieving their academic and personal success.

To respond to the changing needs of learning communities in a timely manner.

To encourage and promote collaboration.

To Promote the higher trust through professional courtesy and fair academic environment. To maintain and sustain the quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services

To Promote continuous improvement of the students by means of continuous assessment and the counselling.

To encourage creativity, innovation, and risk-taking abilities of the students.

To exceed student and stakeholder expectations.

To encourage decision-making at the level of implementation by enhancing autonomy and determination

To prepare professional educators who are academically and technically proficient, reflective in practice, and committed for intellectual empowerment.

 Goal 6

To Develop external relation and improve the image of the campus

To ensure public participation to garner support and recognition.

To improve external relation campus.

To improve image of the campus.

 Goal 7

To integrate teaching, learning and research activities with modern technology

To ensure the effective and extensive use of modern technology for teaching and learning process.

To improve administrative efficiency with the use of modern technology.

 Goal 8

To develop the campus as an academic research center


To create infrastructure for research activities.

To create research centered teaching and learning environment