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Admission in (MBS, M.Ed, BCA, BBS, B.Ed., and B.Ed. Science) is going on. Contact the KSC Admission Office.

About M.Ed Introduction

M.Ed Introduction

M.Ed Introduction

Introduction of M.Ed Program

Education plays key role in the development of a society and a country. The extent to which education is able to contribute to the process of socio-economic development and transformation of the nation depends on the trained and qualified human resources developed by the academic institutions and universities. In order to produce the qualified human resources required for the country, university and academic institutions should be equipped with adequate resources, competent and committed teaching faculties and staff, and properly designed courses.

Kathmandu Shiksha Campus (KSC) has been producing and supplying trained and qualified teachers, teacher educators, educational planners and administrators in the country for more than two decades through the Master Programs in Education. It is a two-year ie 4th Semester based course. It consists of professional/pedagogical core courses and specialization courses. Specialization courses include Curriculum and EvaluationEducational Planning and Management, English Education, Nepali Education, Mathematics Education, Health Education. At KSC, Students can specialize in any one of these above courses.