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About M.Ed. in Health education

M.Ed. in Health education

M.Ed. in Health education

M.Ed. in Health education


Course Structure

First Semester (12 Credits)

Ed. 511

Foundations of Education

Ed. 513

Advanced Psychology

Ed. HE 515

Advanced Health Education

Ed. HE 516

Fundamentals of Epidemiology

Ed. HE 517

Health Sexuality and Reproductive Health

Ed. HE 518

Health Promotion

Second Semester  (12 Credits)

Ed. 521

Curriculum Practice

Ed. 522

Education Development

Ed. HE 526 

Nutrition Education

Ed. HE 527

Community Health

Ed. HE 528

Community Organization

Ed. HE. 529

Health Promoting School

Third Semester (12 Credits)

Ed. 531

Measurement and Evaluation

Ed. 532

Research Methodology in Education

Ed.HE 535

Instructional Technology in Health Education


Ed. HE 537

Seminar Issue of Health Education

Ed. HE 538

Applied Research in Health Education

Ed. HE 539

Health Education Planning and Management

Fourth Semester (12 Credits)

Ed. 547

Physical Exercise and Sports in Health Promotion/Health Psychology

Ed. PM. 542

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research in EPM

Ed. PM 543

Practicum in EPM

Ed. 545

Thesis Writing


Course Description


Course Title: Advanced Health Education

This course is designed to enhance the advanced knowledge and in-depth understanding of health education among students. It provides an opportunity for students to explore, apply and critique the principles, philosophy, theories, foundations and professionalization of health education, and to learn more about their applications in varied health education settings. 

Course Title: Fundamentals of Epidemiology

This course is designed to provide the students with in-depth knowledge of epidemiologic measures and methods which are applied in health research. Moreover, emphasis is placed on epidemiologic approach, measures, methods/designs, causation, and epidemiology of infectious and non-communicable diseases. Students will gain knowledge and experiences in epidemiologic measures and methods. The aim of this course is to widen the horizon of knowledge and understanding of the students with a view to making them able to design epidemiologic study and apply epidemiologic methods in diseases prevention and health promotion. 

Course Title: Human Sexuality and Reproductive Health Education

This course is designed to equip students with deeper knowledge and understanding on conceptualization of sexual and reproductive health education, development of human sexuality, sexual behavior, and problems of sexuality, social aspects of human sexuality and recent reproductive health goals and strategies. This course also builds capacity in students to work as an expert in designing, implementing and monitoring program for the formal as well as non-formal educational sectors. 

Course Title: Health Promotion

This course is designed to provide the students with the knowledge and understanding of health promotion in modern context. The emphasis is on the critical understanding of the theory, models, strategies and methods of health promotion. It aims to develop critical understanding and appraisal of the nature of the relationship between people and their social-ecological contexts in terms of its impact on the health of individuals and community. It provides students in depth understanding of methods for planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion interventions which aimed at promoting health at different focus areas and settings for health. 

Course Title: Nutrition Education

This course deals with the fundamental issues of nutrition and nutrition education. Students will gain deeper understanding on nutrition requirement for different age groups and determinants of food choices and food habits. It examines nutrition education including emerging education models for promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Emphasis is given on a stepwise procedure for designing nutrition education. Focus of this course is designing and implementing theory based nutrition education in school and community by linking theory, research and practices. The students will learn about the impact of marketing and communication on the food and lifestyle choices that are made by consumers.

Course Title: Community Health

This course is designed to provide an overview of community/public health and some of its main components. It is particularly directed towards health problems in developing countries including Nepal. It also deals with environmental health, community-based health intervention, mental health, drug abuses and health care systems. This course emphasizes the importance of creating and applying an evidence base to finding solutions to the health problems facing populations.

Course Title: Community Organizing for Health Education

This course is designed to develop a broader understanding of community structure, community organization, community participation and community development, and group process for community health education among students. It equips students with practical knowledge and skills in organizing community, doing survey, analyzing community health needs and problems, writing report of community organization and planning action program for community health education and promotion. 

Course Title: Health Promoting Schools

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of health promoting school as a setting based concept of school health program. It deals with school health program, development of school ethos and environment, curriculum materials and evaluation of school health promoting school.

Course Title: Instructional Technology in Health Education

This course is designed to equip the students with essential knowledge and skills pertaining to the innovative teaching strategies, communication in teaching and use of technology in health education. It enables the students in designing, selecting and using appropriate teaching materials and media in health education. 

Course Title: Seminar in Issues of Health and Health Education

This course has been designed to equip the students with in-depth knowledge on issues and challenges of health and health education. It has been developed with a view to enhance their skills for identifying issues pertinent to health education, writing seminar papers on health  issues and challenges and present in a seminar. It also provides them an opportunity to organize a seminar effectively.


Course Title: Applied Health Education Research

This course has two prongs; applied research methods and statistics. Upon completing the course students will understand the basics of health education research methods and statistics. They will develop an understanding of various research methods and statistical methods and tools that are applied in health education research. The students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to developing research tools both in quantitative and qualitative research, and collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. They will also be able to generate research questions, formulate, and test hypothesis based on the data they generate or given to them. Students will be introduced to basic procedures of SPSS for windows and have opportunity to practice data processing in SPSS software. The students will develop their understanding on qualitative data analysis programs. The students will be able to use their research–related knowledge and skills in developing a research protocol, write research report and papers, and undertake research in future.

Course Title:  Health Education Planning and Management

This course is designed to provide students with concepts, theories and experiences of health education planning (HEP), health service planning, management of health services and health education program. It also emphasizes on planning, implementation and supervision of school health education program.  Moreover, it enables the students to analyze existing health policy, planning and organization of health services and school health education programme of Nepal.

Course Title: Health Psychology

This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of health psychology. It deals with psychological basis of health, bio-psychosocial models and approaches to health, health-risk behavior, illness perceptions and illness behavior, health enhancing behavior, pain management and improving quality of life. The course helps the students to develop better understanding on various approaches of health psychology that to apply concepts and approaches of health psychology in health education and promotion programme.

Course Title:  Physical Exercise and Sports for Health Promotion 

This course is designed to provide students with the experience of physical exercise and sports to enhance their health. The course is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. Theoretical part deals nature of physical activities and sports as well as their importance in relation to health promotion. The second part is in practical nature under which the students have to practice some exercise and sports to promote their health.